Guidelines of Abstract (full paper)

Guidelines of Abstract (full paper)

(place your title here, Times 14, bold, centered)

A. Firstauthor1, B. Secondauthor2, C. Thirdauthor1, D. And So On2

(Times 12, normal, centered)

1 Department of Material Science, Kanazawa Institute of Technology, Kanazawa, Japan (Times 10, Italic, centered)

2 Department of Chemistry, Gunma University, Kiryu, Japan


Abstract (Times 11, bold, max 5 lines)

Full-length papers (at least 2 pages (A4 format) but no more than 6 pages) of the presented contributions will be prepared for the proceedings of the symposium. The guidelines for the manuscript submission are described in the following. The authors are responsible for the content and style of the contribution.


1. Introduction (Times 11, bold)

The contributed paper must be in English and should report previously unpublished work. It should contain an abstract paragraph (up to five lines) reporting the major objective and results.

2. Guidelines (Times 11, bold)

Papers may include figures and tables. A caption should be written under each figure and above each table.

Equations must be centered and numbered on the right.

Top and bottom margins should be set to 3 cm, left and right margins to 2 cm. Single-line spacing should be used. Fonts must be:

Title: Times New Roman 14, Bold, centered

Authors names: Times New Roman 12, normal, centered. The name of the author presenting the contribution must be underlined.

Affiliations: Times New Roman 10, Italic, centered

Main text: 1 column, Times New Roman 11, justified in left and right

Figures and tables caption: Times New Roman 10, normal

List and number all references at the end of the Paper. When referring to them in the text, type the corresponding reference number between brackets as shown at the end of this sentence [1]. Please don’t insert page numbers.

3. Submission (Times 11, bold)

The full papers should be submitted as a printed copy and also as a PDF file, within January 28th 2013

Papers submitted via fax will not be considered.

Acknowledgments will be communicated to the authors.


References (Times 11, bold)

[1] T.O. See You, N. Ext October, I.N. Yokohama – We. Hope. You. Enjoy, 10, 23-24 (2008).

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